Inspiring Entrepreneurs: Disruptors and Influencers

    The world is ever-changing and is evolving especially in the UK, culturally, economically and politically. This inspiring event brings a ‘red table’ style discussion with change-makers, to discuss how they are not only shifting the image of women in business, but are also responding to change and breaking barriers against the odds in a post-pandemic world.

    Topics of discussion will include:

    • The reality of starting a business and getting into entrepreneurship as a woman today
    • The ways in which women are rising in recovery within a post-pandemic world
    • The opportunities our speakers have found to break barriers, especially receiving funding as a woman, visibility in the press and being recognised by key stakeholders.
    • The International Women’s Day 2023 of Embrace Equity, and how we can best embrace and encourage diversity and inclusion in business for colleagues and peers from marginalised communities.

    Guests will hear insights into how to emerge from the unique difficulties of the past few years and still have your business remain in good shape even with increased costs and challenges.

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