Getting started with your side hustle

    Going in to business might feel like a leap into the unknown, but with a side hustle you can minimise the risk.

    Earning through a side hustle helps you earn extra an income while keeping paid employment and helps to maintain the cash flow as the new business establishes itself. With digital communities and marketplaces helping to fast track the route to market and allowing entrepreneurs to tap into a wider breadth of customers than ever before, more and more people are choosing to start side hustles, and seeing them grow.

    Vicki Broadbent has grown her blog, The Honest Mum, from a hobby and passion to her full-time commercial income. She is also the author of Mum Boss, which examines the opportunities you can unearth by unlocking spare time, often, while at home with a family.

    This session will explore the skills and support you will need to put your plans into action after Start-up Day, as well as practical tips on keeping up a side hustle while working the 9 to 5. If you have entrepreneurial ambition and a skill that can be monetised, join us and Vicki to hear about whether a side hustle start-up is the right option for you.


Vicki Broadbent

Founder of Honest Mum

Lynne Robertson

Enterprise Education Lead and Sustainability Business Partner for Santander Business Banking

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