BIPC Hull's Bringing new products to market

    Join BIPC Hull, Hull’s Makerspace and Business Innovation Expert, Steve Page, to understand how to bring new products to market.

    Bringing new products to market can be a difficult, time consuming, expensive and daunting process that requires every step of the way to be carefully structured and planned, if it is to be a success. Understanding the importance of properly investigating and testing a new product is key to getting the investment and support needed to achieve market launch.

    This webinar provides an overview of the main steps and key stages that are involved, covering:
    • The concept development stage
    • How and when prototypes can be built and tested
    • How to provide proof of how well an idea or concept works
    • How to attract investment.

    What attendees will gain:

    • An overview of the main steps involved and the risks to the project if these are not followed
    • An understanding of the importance of properly investigating and testing a new idea or concept
    • An appreciation of how the results gathered can be used to move the project to the next stage in your product innovation journey.


Steve Page

Business Innovation Expert

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