Getting started with the latest trends in the UK market

    At the moment there are, of course, huge doubts about what the future holds. But that doesn’t stop us being able to assess the current business market to explore new trends and behaviours - insights that could help your business flourish, even in the most uncertain of times.

    Mintel is the world's leading market intelligence agency. Our guest presenter, Jack Duckett, Mintel’s Consumer Lifestyles Analyst, will distil the biggest trends, especially in today’s changing climate. In these recent times, Mintel has been helping their clients understand the impact of COVID-19 on their markets. Tune in on Start-up Day to hear about the effects on consumer behaviours and how key markets will fare over the next few years, including food and drink, beauty, leisure and more.

    The Mintel sector reports can be accessed for free in our National Network of Business & IP Centres, based in libraries around the UK. Before you start exploring the databases yourself, this is your guide to figuring out what the stats actually say.

    Understanding these trends gives valuable insights for new businesses looking to stay relevant in today’s increasingly competitive marketplace. Don’t start your business without this insider guide to understanding and capitalising on the key UK business trends today.


Jack Duckett

Associate Director

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London libraries are transforming the way ideas grow into successful businesses. By partnering with ten London boroughs, we are developing a community of new and existing business owners, which is free to join and open to everyone. Whether you are just setting out, need advice on protecting your intellectual property, or simply have a brilliant idea you want to discuss, we're here to guide you. Since April 2020, we have offered all of our Start-ups in London Libraries' services online, including our core workshops and virtual one-to-ones with our borough Business Champions, many of whom will be hosting sessions during Start-up Day. To find out more about Start-ups in London Libraries and how to join our thriving business community, visit

As people look for less traditional routes to finance, crowdfunding campaigns are becoming more and more popular. During this masterclass, we will hear from a start-up business, Bottle Farm, who, earlier this year, used a crowdfunding platform to successfully raise £32,000 for their innovative indoor farm and garden kits.

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