In conversation with Louisa Ziane, co-founder of Toast Ale

    In this, the first of our Inspiring Entrepreneurs interviews for Start-up Day, we meet and hear from social enterprise entrepreneur, Louisa Ziane, the co-founder of Toast Ale. This trailblazing brewing company, motivated by climate change and food waste, produces ‘planet-saving beer’ with surplus fresh bread.

Louisa will discuss how you can build a viable, profitable and job-generating business that still keep your core values front and centre, as well as how to integrate these principles into your brand.

As the Chief Operating Officer on the Toast Ale team, Louisa’s focus is on the productivity and people in her business so she will also talk about how leaders can drive innovation and change as the team and the business grows.

Louisa will be interviewed by Toast Ale board member and BIPC Ambassador, Paul Lindley, himself a formidable founder of childrens’ food brand, Ella’s Kitchen, and author of Little Wins: The power of thinking like a toddler.

As Toast themselves would say, “Raise a toast. Save the world. Cheers.”


Louisa Ziane

Co-founder of Toast Ale

Paul Lindley OBE

Founder of Ella's Kitchen

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