BIPC Hull's Building an effective website

    Join BIPC Hull with Creator Coach, Mal Williamson, to understand how to build an effective website.

    In our age digital technology and the internet has revolutionized the way we live and work, creating a hotbed of online platforms for start-ups to consider. In this session, we explore the world of websites and ‘the internet of entrepreneurs’. A website can be many things. It can tell a story, share values, be a conversation, a marketplace, a testing facility. Every entrepreneur knows they need a website… don’t they? But what exactly is a website these days?

    In this webinar we will cover:

    • Different websites for different reasons
    • Building an effective website that works for you
    • Customizing the process
    • Testing the market with landing pages
    • How to work with creatives and get the most out of web designers, copywriters, graphic designers and coders
    • Do you really need a website and what are the alternatives?


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London libraries are transforming the way ideas grow into successful businesses. By partnering with ten London boroughs, we are developing a community of new and existing business owners, which is free to join and open to everyone. Whether you are just setting out, need advice on protecting your intellectual property, or simply have a brilliant idea you want to discuss, we're here to guide you. Since April 2020, we have offered all of our Start-ups in London Libraries' services online, including our core workshops and virtual one-to-ones with our borough Business Champions, many of whom will be hosting sessions during Start-up Day. To find out more about Start-ups in London Libraries and how to join our thriving business community, visit

During this session, we will explore ways to identify and develop the basic skills needed to start a successful business, including passion, leadership skills, understanding your competitors, and much more. The aim of exploring these fundamentals is to give your business a firm foundation to develop, grow and thrive.

During the workshop we will discuss:
How to identify your passionHow to discover what’s purposeful and meaningful to you personallyHow to draw attention to your values, principles and mission in lifeHow to explore the real reason why you want to start a businessHow to discover what it takes to make it happenAnd finally, how to show up authentically, unapologetically and on purpose.


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