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Sustainable in the city

You do not need to have extensive space outside to have a significant environmental impact – and nor do your customers. It’s a massive and growing market – with 87% of the UK’s population living in urban areas (World Data Bank 2015).

We are excited to showcase how three founders turned limits on space on its head and found new opportunities. Could your new business follow a similar path?
Charlie Francis and his co-founders have successfully combined a recycling ethic and modern design into a compelling product range turning used plastic bottles into indoor farms. Bottle Farm offers its customers instant greenery and good feeling. In just three years Bottle Farm has proved to be a start-up star having crowdfunded early on and featured in the press.
Heather Gorringe, founder of Wiggly Wigglers, has refined her range of products over the past 30 years to transform traditionally large, unattractive and smelly composters into compact, multi-functional and odourless wormeries and compost systems for gardeners with smaller spaces.
Jane Riddiford is co-founder of Global Generation who, over 17 years, have taken up residency in major construction sites including its ground-breaking Skip Garden in King’s Cross to create installation community gardens amid the all the machinery and hoardings. Right now, among a number of sites in London, it runs the Story Garden at the British Library.

We’ll be asking them about how they generate sales, convey their ethical message, operate as carbon neutral companies, support other social impact organisations and maintain staying competitive. We’ll interview each business to dig out the insights that can help inspire and build confidence in the plans you have.